Surveys and field measures for nature conservation

The Open Day at the Na Plachtě Nature Monument in Hradec Králové (eastern Bohemia)

Monday, April 28, 2014
On April 28, 2014, NaturaServis Ltd. organized the Open Day at the Na Plachtě Nature Monument, in co-operation with the Hradec Králové Regional Office and under the auspices of Jan Tippner, Regional Minister for the Environment and Agriculture. The event consisted of two commented excursions of the site, discussions on nature conservation activities including projects on amphibian and reptile and other wild animal protection.

At the NaturaServis information point, amphibian and reptile species having been found at the Nature Monument were presented with explanation to the visitors. In addition, the participants in the Open Day can also met some other herpetofauna species occurring both in the Czech Republic and in abroad including tropical ones. Close to the information point, parts of both mobile and permanent barrier/fence protecting amphibians and reptiles on roads, motorways highways at various sites across the Czech Republic. NaturaServis presented to visitors its other products, e.g. educational ones (a wooden organs – modified branches of various tree species labelled with common and Latin tree species name hanging on a cross-bar) or for species protection, e.g. wooden nest-boxed for bird hole-nesters, man-made nesting burrows for the Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) and nesting platforms. 

During the commented excursions, child visitors can play an educational game on herps, inhabiting the Na Plachtě Nature Monument. 

In the event, approx. 70 – 100 persons participated: the event was visited also by the Hradec Králové Regional Office and Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic´s staffs. On the event, Hradec Králové Czech Radio Broadcasting Station reported on April 26, 2014.