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The Prague Zoo – A two chamber enclosure for reptiles

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013, we successfully completed the order of the Prague Zoological Garden. NaturaServis Ltd. delivered to the Zoo a completely new reptile enclosure built according to our own design and consisting of two chambers. New habitats will be inhabited by reptile species occurring in the Czech Republic, particularly for the Common European viper (Vipera berus), colubrid snakes a various lizard species.


A special coverage with sheet metal (the design developed by NaturaServis Ltd. has been registered as a utility model by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic) prevents reptiles from escaping outside the enclosure. Natural elements, i.e. stumps, branches, stones and plants) are distributed within the enclosure, so that they simulate natural habitats preferred by the reptile species. For species requiring water a small pool was built. 

The new enclosure is located in the Prague Zoo´s part called Zakázanka.