Surveys and field measures for nature conservation

New pools for the Forests of the Czech Republic, State Enterprise

Monday, December 31, 2012

NaturaServis Ltd. built two pools for improving conservation status of amphibian populations at Štěnec (District of Chrudim, eastern Bohemia), because there was no open water surface there. The pools have been used for breeding by amphibians and as a watering place by various game species. 

For building the pools, small caterpillar machinery, namely a Japanese Nagano mini excavator (2.7 tonnes in weight), which does require neither building, nor adjustment of an approach/drive road. Pool slopes were built as gentle ones, soil excavated was dispersed in close proximity of the tools. Consequently, a small mound was formed from the soil preventing water from the water stream to flood the tools during small floods and filled by sediments.  Establishing the pools significantly improved viability in local populations of amphibians and other small animals, particularly of vertebrates. In addition, the site is used as a watering place by various game.