Surveys and field measures for nature conservation

Who We Are

We are a company offering comprehensive services for nature conservation and environmental protection. Our outputs include not only surveys and research carried out in a perfect way and detailed reports presenting biotic assessments in a given area, but implementation activities respecting both demands of nature and client´s wishes. The activities implemented in the field improve the state of local/regional wildlife and increase the attractiveness of a given environment for its inhabitants and tourists.

We are a team of experts displaying knowledge in the branch, with a long-term experience and good relations with clients. Thanks to our activities, many habitats have been restored in the Czech Republic, measures proposed resulted in survival of the protected species whole populations. By field activities, we have improved the state and appearance both landscapes accessible to the public and private lands. In addition, we really consider our activities as a mission. Therefore, our outputs also include a lot of contribution in journals and proceedings as well as a lot of events in communication, education and awareness among the general public and experts in the Czech Republic and in abroad.
We are glad and pleased that you have visited our webpages. We see it as an evidence that the state of nature also matters you.

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Herpetological station

The Herpetological station was established by our company in 2014 and is a centre for research on native and non-native amphibian, reptile, invertebrate and wild plant species. At the same time, animals threatened by human activities, e.g. by building-up their original habitats, are temporarily kept by the time they can be re-introduced into their original habitats improved or managed by appropriate ways or released into new suitable substitute or compensatory sites.

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