Surveys and field measures for nature conservation


We produce various nature conservation supplements (e.g., bird nest-boxes, insect hotels, wooden thick blocks, beetle houses/artificial habitats, wooden organs, etc.). After having been installed at various natural sites, urban parks or village greens, the above products make the habitats more attractive for various wild animal species. At the same time, they are important public education and awareness tools. The supplements significantly improve habitat diversity and heterogeneity, because the habitats are step by step colonised and inhabited by wild animal species, maintaining or increasing biological diversity through species richness as well as by habitat and natural processes diversity within the respective area.

Bird nest-boxes – we produce and install nest-boxes for small passerines, e.g. Great tits, for raptors (birds of prey and owls) and for bats.

Insect hotels - we produce semi-open boxes for various insect species. The boxes are filled with various materials so that they provide suitable habitats for various insect species.   

Beetle houses/artificial habitats – these are modified tree stumps and parts of tree trunks (often partially decayed ones) put together aiming at providing various beetle species with suitable habitats. 

Wooden thick blocks – these are modified parts of tree trunks put together showing tree species diversity through various bark types, colours, wood texture and structure. The individual parts of wooden thick blocks (parts of tree trunks) are labelled with common and Latin tree species name.

Wooden organ – modified branches of various tree species labelled with common and Latin tree species name hanging on a cross-bar. The supplement allows identification of various tree species, both visually (by bark and wood cross section) and acoustically (after hitting it with a wooden stick, each timber type produces a specific sound).